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to be done in august after hiatus

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to be done in august after hiatus



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Happy Monday :)

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Just picture me tap-dancing in the firmament and I’ll be well happy.

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 I just want kisses. Kisses in trench coat on street corners.
— kitykat1993

I adore this.

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Some Very British Problems (x

Maybe it’s just this Canadian, but I feel like these are all also extremely Canadian problems…

Nope, not just you. The only one that doesn’t apply (to me at least) is the train door one. :)

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please take a moment to appreciate how excited john looks that he’s about to kick the shit out of him

like hell yes i have been waiting two years to wrap my hands around your throat you miserable sack of shit i am so glad you’re alive cause i’m gonna murder you

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Benedict Cumberbatch will be on the front cover of Elle magazine (December issue).

The full cover will be revealed in October.

According to Elle:

"We don’t want to give too much away right now. But there was a small furry animal on set. We rode on the back of his motorcycle. And he talked (at length) about exactly what Sherlock would do in bed.

It was a good day at work.”


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So much more to say, suspended in the air between
Before you slip away, before you slip away from me
Please slow down.

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"Sherlock, starring Emmy award winning Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch."

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Some of the best stories involve Merlin and Arthur falling in love at work; so here is a masterlist full of them!

A Modern Manservant

A New Low

A Story of Love and Menswear. Edited by Arthur Pendragon

Actually Yours

All I Want For Christmas (Is You)

All Things Are Ours

All’s Fair In Love And War

And They Call It Summer Love

Awkward Situations Call For Desperate Measures

But It’s a Good Refrain

Camelot’s Sweethearts

Camelot: A Romance With Rollercoasters

Champagne From a Paper Cup (Is Never Quite The Same)

Christmas at the Pendragon Institute

Completely Inappropriate 


Don’t forget about what happened to the man who suddenly got everything he ever wanted. (He lived happily ever after)



Emails from the Pendragon Institute

Every Cloud

Every Story Is A Love Story

For Better, For Worse

For Your Information

Game, Set, Match

(In)Convenience Store

Keep Calm and Carry On

Les Lettres Defi

Lions and Pebbles and Penguins, Oh my!

Love in the Time of Scholar


Merlin Myrddin The Muralist

Mustn’t Flirt With Your Assistant

No Business Like Show Business

Not Another Cinderella

Not Quite Hogwarts

Office Shenanigans

On Being Arthur’s Living Alarm Clock

Outside The Pendragon Institute

Paint the World Orange and Blue

Pianos Are Made For Falling

Poshpants and Planet-Brain in Paradise

Reason v Passion


Remake the Current Stream

Reversal of Fortune

Screen Control Your Motherboard


Skipping Beats, Blushing Cheeks

Spin Doctoring

Something Yellow This Time

Teacher’s Do It With Class

The Conundrum of Arthur’s Secret Boyfriend

The Office Christmas Party

The Only Safe Thing

The Stablehand

This Silly Ol’ Dance is Perfect for Two


Two Weeks Notice

We Can Fall (But The Fall Won’t Hurt Us)

When All Is Said And Done

Who Has Made All Things Well

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we all hated him

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You don't smoke. I also don't frequent cafés. 
(Mycroft Holmes in A Scandal in Belgravia)
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